Discussion “Modern Diaspora”

Immediately after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015,Voltaire’s “Traité sur la Tolérance” (Treatise on Tolerance) stormed to the top of the bestseller lists. The critique of religious fanaticism described in this work is a rejection of the terroristic despotism of religious ideology, and as such it could not be more relevant to our times. At the same time, 2015 is the year in which Europe saw a tidal change in its refugee policies: Merkel’s liberal refugee policy made it possible for many asylum seekers to continue their journey to the peaceful tomorrow they hoped for. It is all the more worrisome when these asylum seekers are accused of the very same fanaticism from which they are fleeing and are then ignored, or even aggressively rejected. Uprooted from their own ethnic, religious and social homelands, these people then find themselves in “modern diasporas”. They may be Syrian refugees in Lampedusa, but also Chinese migrant labourers in Beijing – how shall we deal with those forced into exile and how can we improve their integration?

The Goethe-Institut is showing the film “After Spring Comes Fall”, which takes the issue of flight as its theme. Following the screening, film director Daniel Carsenty and Aline Fischer, director of the film “Meteor Street”(Meteorstraße), as well as further Chinese guests will discuss the cinematic interpretation of flight and the ways in which these new diasporas are influencing our culture.

11/12/2016 - 15:45
Director, Meteor Street

Aline Fischer was born in 1981 in Alsace, France. She studied Political Science (Sciences-Po) and already concluded a bachelor‘s degree in sociology and a Masters in Documentary directing in Lussas (Ardèche Images), France. In March 2016 she completed her directorial diploma at the Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf. Aline Fischer deals with the following topics: gender construction and border areas, with a focus on countries that have been influenced by communism.

Director, After Spring Comes Fall

Daniel Carsenty was born in Frankfurt in 1982. He worked as a journalist for the WDR and RTL. From 2008 until 2014 he studied cinematography at the Film University Babelsberg.